Drug List

Since our database contain more than 3 thousands drugs

we cant tech possibility place all this on our site. But you can do let us know drug name in generic or brand form, and we will create new product page for you in 12h and will send you link to this page where you can do place order.

Pls use this link https://secure.mymedcenter.net/support/index.php?/Tickets/Submit

Product Price/Dosage Quantity
Generic Viagra $1.69/100mg Select
Generic Cialis $1.80/20mg Select
Viagra SoftTabs $1.69/100mg Select
Cialis SoftTabs $1.90/20mg Select
Allegra $0.99/180mg Select
Lipitor $1.69/40mg Select
Crestor $1.89/10mg Select
Mevacor $0.99/20mg Select
Zetia $1.39/10mg Select
Zocor $1.49/40mg Select
Zyban $1.59/150mg Select
Altace $0.99/5mg Select
Paxil $1.89/40mg Select
Effexor $0.99/75mg Select
Celexa $0.99/20mg Select
Lexapro $1.29/20mg Select
Celebrex $1.19/200mg Select
Propecia $0.60/1mg Select
Avandia $2.22/8mg Select
Levaquin $1.29/500mg Select
Zithromax $2.19/500mg Select
Keflex $1.29/500mg Select
Danazol $2.95/200mg Select
Diflucan $1.29/150mg Select
Evista $1.19/60mg Select
Fosamax $1.19/10mg Select
Flomax $1.19/0.4mg Select
Nexium $1.19/20mg Select
Priligy $1.99/30mg Select
Actos $0.9/30mg Select
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